Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Most in the world like strawberry cake. Of course, the same also like strawberries, but it is not the same. Making this cake is not all as easy as it may seem. At the beginning you know the rule, and of course you have the correct ingredients. Sam has never did such a cake, but always when mom makes it, slink up to me dripping on the same idea that will soon be ready, that I could put a piece in the mouth and savor the taste. Unfortunately, to do a lot of cake you have to insert many work, and above all to be very patient. When I sit and dream about that cake I feel like Dewey, Finding Neverland, perpetually adrift after the skies of imagination. And when I open my eyes I see it, what dream for a long time ...
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My favourite dish is pizza. I can order it by a phone. It's very comfortable. My favourite fruits are apples. I like eat apples straight from the tree. I don't like vegetables, but if i'll have to choose i'll choose a tomato. I like very much sandwiches with potatos. My favourite drink is cola. A cold cola is the best think in sommer, hot days. In winter i prefer hot chocolate. After that I have more power to have fun.
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