*czas p.perfect contyniues *
the _____(go)out for five years before the ________(get)married last year.
I ______(not read)a book since the time we________(be) at school.
We _______(not see) each other for ten years before we________(meet) in that cafe.
Be the time he_______(pass)all his exams, we ________already_______(go)on holiday.
How long_______you ______(learn)english?
I _______(try) to learn china since I ______(go)to vhina in 2005.
Her eyes look red______she______(cry)?



1.They had been going out for five years before they got married last year.
2. I haven't read a book since the time I was at school.
3. We haven't seen each other for ten years before we met in that cafe.
4. By the time he passed all his exams, we had already gone on holiday.
5. How long have you been learning English?
6. I have been trying to learn chinese since I went to China in 2005.
7. Her eyes look red. Has she been crying?