Napisz opowiadanie o duchu, który mnie nawiedził albo którego spotkałem. Według:

One day (when?), I was (where?). I was with (who?). It is. It was (weather?). We were (doing what?).
We were (doing what?) when, suddenly, we heard (what noise?). We went (where?) and saw a (what ghost?) in (what clothes?). It/He/she was (doing what?).
We felt (how?) and we (did what?). Then we (did what?). In the end, we told (who?) about the ghost. They (did/didn t) belive us!



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
One day in the Friday evening ,I was at home .I was with my best friend . It is. It was very rainy and cold . We were watching tv.
We were talking about school , when, suddenly, we heard strange noise . We went to the kitchen and saw a ugly , big , and strange ghost in t-shirt and jeans . He was sitting by the table and look at us ..
We felt scary and we didn't know what to do . Then we heard the phone .In the end, we told (parents about the ghost. They didn't belive us!