Compose a healthy meal for a day.
I eat on breakfast sandwiches on with vegetables and cocoa.
I eat in school jogurt and apple.
I eat after school on dinner for it salatke ziemnialki and fish fillets.
I eat sandwiches on suppers with wedlina and tomato and I sip it with honey tea and lemon.
This is my healthy day.

Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I eat for breakfast:
-Two roll's with lettuce and tomato
-I drink hot green tea
For lunch I eat:
One green apple
I drink orange juice
And Two sandwich with ham and cheese
Dinner I eat at 15:30 am (half past three am)
Cucumber soup
potatoes with fish and Peking cabbage salad
I eat supper at 19 : 30 pm (half past seven pm )
flakes and I drink orange juice
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