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I think george beauchamp is great inventor . he was born in Coleman County, Texas , in 1899 . When he was young he earn money playing on accoustic guitar on the street and small clubs . In 1920 he moved to California and started work in National Company . In 1935 he get sacked , and became unemployed . In his hause he started worked on his New Project : guitar which will have stronger sound than accoustic guitar . After few years he created guitar called ‘frying pan’ – prototype of first electric guitar . Invention of Beauchamp became famous because of Gibson and Fender . This companies produced most famous guitars – Les Paul and Stratocaster .
Electric vacuum cleaner is a device for cleaning objects, surface or air with dust and other loose contaminants (eg, crumbs, dust, chips), or the collection of spilled liquids through the air intake along with the pollution.