This weekend I go to Cracow .
The most important and spectacular monuments in Cracow are situated in the very center of the city. Usually after a couple of hours of gentle strolling you will be familar with yhe most beautiful and interesting places in the city. Of course monument enthusiasts could easily spend a week strolling. Each day can present somtenig new. That's Crackow.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi! You know that I was the last weekend in Krakow. I must say that was cool. I visited many interesting places. Among other things, visited the Jura Krakowska. In the village Rzędkowice I admired Skalka Wysoka, so Monadnock limestone. On Sunday, we familiarized Bonarka Nature Reserve. Then lit the candles on a neglected grave in Cemetery Podgorski. In the afternoon we familiarized Bielan-Tyniec Landscape Park.
I am very pleased that trip. I hope that next time you come with me.
P.S. Evening will also send you pictures from this trip.