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Opisz co najmniej w 12 zdaniach osobę (tylko wygląd, bo muszę ją narysować jeszcze) Jaka musi być: ruda, warkocze,piegi na twarzy, długie palce, duże niebieskie oczy, ma na sobie spodniczke i jakis tam top, warkocze, średniego wzrostu, długie nogi, i jeszcze coś dopiszcie od siebie.



The girl that I am going to describe is called Kate. She's got 15 years old.
She has got long, locked in a plait ginger hair. She has a oval, friendly-looking face and her large round blue eyes show her humour and friendliness. She has short nose and large, enticing lips. She is above averege height, but she's slight and slender. She has fantastic long legs. She has got long fingers too. She has got sun-tanned complexion with couple of freckles on her face. She prefers wearing casual, comfortable clothes, blue skirt, light-blue top and white trainers for example.
Kate is very tender, creative, ambitious and beauty person. She likes cycling and taking long walks. She hates staying at home and being bored. She is a very calm and nice person which everybody is fond of.

licze na najlepszą ;))
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I met a girl with red hair braided in pigtails. Freckles on her face was what gave her the charm. She had long slim legs. She was dressed with style, in a short skirt and top. She had big blue eyes. She had long fingers which Dłubała in the nose. It was disgusting but she still liked me. She was of average height. Had the camera on his teeth.