My weekend was really fantastic! At 8 am I woke up. Next I dressed up and ate breakfast. At 12 o'clock I did my homework. It wasn't very hard so I did it only 1.5 hours. Next at 3pm I met my friends at cinema. We went on new film - ''New moon'' about wampirs. Suddenly we ate deliciuos ice-cream. I came back to home at 6pm. I watched television about one hour. Than I played computer games. Next I had shower and at 11pm I went slept.
In friday, when i was leaving the school i felt so excited, because it was the beggining of weekend. I decided I will meet with my friends on saturday. It was a great day, we went to the cinema and we watched a spectacular film. After that we ate at nearly restaurant and we went home. In the evening i watched tv. when i was doing my homeworks the phone rang. it was Ann, my best friend. She told me that she organize her birthday party on sunday. She asked me: would you like to come? And i decided to come, ofcourse. But i had a little problem-i didn't have any present for her... I took taxi and went to the shopping centre, which is situated near my house. I bought her nice present and i came back to home. Next day i went to her birthday party. It was so fantastic! I spend all the time eating the birthday cake, and talking whith my friends. I will never forget this weekend.