Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi Carlos,
My name is Karina and I have got 11 Years old.My hobby is listen to music.My favourite band is Lady GAga. I love dancing . I have got brother he is 14 yeras old.His name is Bartek.I like to spend with he my free time. I have got a dog.His name is Niko.He is my best friend. I like going with my my friends to park.We play always in volleyball.I like doing shopping with my mum. My mum is cool.!:) MY favourite subject in school is english . I don't like study . I like traveling .I was in England one year ago.It was cool.My favourite color is blue.I am waiting for your answer. :)Bye..!

Greedings Karina
I want to know.
What is your favourite color..?
Have you got any brother or sister..?
What is your hobby..?
What kind of musik you listen.?
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My name is ANNA. I'm fouteen years old. I'm short and slim with short brown hair and green eyes. I'm a pupil. I come from Poland, Bobrowniki. I live with my family is Bobrowniki.
There ere five people in my family. My brother's na,e is Marek. He's twenty-one years old. He's go short brown hair and blue eyes. Lukas, my brother (two), is tall with brown hair and green eyes. He's seventeen years old.
I live school with two polish girls, Aśka nad kinga. Aśka's thirteen years olod.Kinga's fourteen years old and a pupil. They're very friendly.

Write to me soon

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