Mam napisać o swoim ulubionym sparcie jak najwięcej po Ang. Więc proszę o napisanie jak najwięcej o piłce nożnej - Gdzie ten spart jest popularny , ilu zawodników , gdzie odbyły się ostatnie mistrzostwa świata w piłce , kto zdobył puchar , o co chodzi w tym sporcie , i jeszcze coś od siebie....

Z góry dzięki.. Daje duuzo pkt więc krótkie odp. będą zgłaszane jako spam



___My best sport is of course football. I really like this game. It is most popular sport in the world. I'd like to tell you something about it. We all play football, but we don't know all about it.
___First step is telling about its history. Aztecs were playing game similar to football before the Columb came. They made ritual tournaments every months. In XIX century first contest of this game was made in Europe, in England. There were written first rules of football also. In 1904, in Paris, was created FIFA. FIFA has established final rules, which are inuring to our days.
___I will tell you something about that rules. We all know playing football is kicking ball to hit goal. There are also 2 teams. It is enough for us. But professional players need to know much more. Every team must have 11 runners, including goal-keeper. 10 of them can use only foot. Goal-keeper, as one, can use also hands. His work is standing at goal and protecting it. Rules are guarding by referee.
___Since 1900 football is a Olympic Discipline. It is very popular and every country has own representation made of best players. They are also playing for Cup of World (Coupe de Monde) every 4 years. Till now, there were 18 contests for this cup. Last were made in Germany and cup were win by Italy. Next is going to be in RPA in 2010. I hope Poland will win cup. The most titles of Masters of World were taken by Brazil (5), Italy (4), and Germany (3).
___I dont know if I would like to be a professional football player. I like to play it everyday, with friends. I think i dont need thousands of people looking at me. I am good as I am. If I need some more excitement I watch football in TV

Sorka, że nie ma tłumaczenia ale nie chce mi sie XD
Jak bedziesz potrzebować to pisz śmiało na PW. Zmusze sie i napisze XD
___ to akapity ofc.
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