Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
She is tall. She is 36. She has got long, curly, dark hair. She has got a red lips and green eyes. She usually wears jeans, T - shirt and blue jacket. She is economist. She likes cooking. She does delicious dinners.She doesn't like sport.
He is short. He is 38. He has got brown, short hair. He has got a big, red lips and blue eyes. He usually wears green trousers, yellow T - shirt and orange jacket. He is gardener. He likes watching TV. He doesn't like playing computer games. He knows very much I.T.
She is tall. She is 11. She has got long, straight, black hair. She has got a small, red lips and grey eyes. She usually wears skirts, blue T- shirt and purple jacket. She is student. She likes dancing. She goes to modern dance twice a week. She doesn't like watch TV.
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My mum is ... years old. She's English teacher at Primary school. her name is ........She has long, dark hair and green eyes. Every weekend we go to the cinema together, because we both like a comedies, but my dad .......... prefers a science fiction movies and horrors. He is ..... years old and he has brown eyes and short hair. He works in the office. I like to spend time with him, because he's very possitive person and he's very crazy!
My brother ........ is two years older than me. He has blond hair and green eyes, the same as mum. We also arguing, but we really love each other! I like to listen at his stories and when he helps me with my homework. His name is ......... .
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My mother name is ..... She likes books and music. She is funny and nice. She's favourite film is ..... My father name is.... He is a ....... (mechanic, fire fighter etc.) He's favourite music is .......(pop, rock, metal etc.). He is always happy, because he's very offen. My best friend name is..... I like her/him, because she/he is ...... and ..... We are always together. If he/she is sad, I want to help her/him.
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