Według tego mam napisać opowiadanie (po angielsku) :

vacuum the carpet - Anna (likes electrical eqimpent)
sweep the floor - Anges and lisa (hate vacuming)
make the beds- Anna , Anges and Lisa (tidy their own bedrooms )
dust and polish the furniture - Lisa (Anna and Anges - allergic to dust)
clean the windows - Anna and Anges
water the plants - Anges (loves flovers)
wash clothes - Anna , Anges and Lisa (want to wash their own clothes)
do the ironing - Anna (Anges and Lisa hate ironing )
take the rubbish out - Anges (goes out at 6 a.m )
cook the meals -Mrs cook (the girls don' t like washing up )

pomocyy .



Anna, Anges and Lisa are going to tidy up the flat today. Anna likes electrical equipment, so she is going to vacuums the carpet. Then Anges and Lisa are going to sweep the floor. Next girls are going to tidy their own bedrooms, mainly they are going to make the beds. Anna and Anges are allergic to dust, so Lisa must polish the furniture. Anna and Anges are going to clean the windows while Lisa is doing her work. Next girls are going to wash dirty clothes. Anges is taking the rubbish out at 6 a.m. Mrs Cook will cook the meals, because girls don’t like washing up. It will be busy day.

Myślę, że jak na twój poziom takie coś będzie okay.
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Anna vacuums the carpet because she likes electrical eqimpent.Agnes and Lisa sweep the floor because they hate vacuuming. Anna, Agnes and Lisa make the beds because the tidy their own bedrooms. Lisa dusts and polishs the furniture because Anna and Agnes are allergic to dust. Anna and Agnes clean the windows. Agnes waters the plants because she loves flowers. Anna, Agnes and Lisa wash clothes because they want to wash their own clothes. Anna does the ironing because Agnes and Lisa hate ironing. Agnes takes the rubbish out because she goes out at 6 a.m. Mrs Cook cooks the meals because the girls don't like washing up.

prosze xD
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