Fun of my childhood.
It's now my life, time passed quickly, and during childhood, adolescence and adulthood has happened so many changes that it is hard to believe. Developed design, mobile phones were introduced, the man took the moon, the medicine found drugs on many diseases. But the man always remains man, child, child and the situation is unchanged. Constant are also human feelings, the need for security, hunger, love, interest on the part of parents receiving and drawing on them, certain moral principles. When I was growing up, television was only one was built and we are not talked about computers. I read a lot, to the age of 14, I met a large part of Polish and world literature. I lived in the fate of the heroes of books, my world was so colorful and very interesting. But there was no lack of contact with my peers and our children's playground. Why write about this? Because I believe that today we would be away our children and grandchildren from the TV and computer, though for a moment and show them the magical world of common playground. Because increasing aggression among youth, has, inter alia, their origin in the fact that children are simply bombarded with content, changing them yet unformed psyche, affecting their way of thinking and as a result of the proceedings. Cybernetic world begins to penetrate so deeply into the real world, it becomes its integral part. In the world of computer games can kill with impunity, is to live a dozen, violence is desirable. In addition, most children play with themselves, the network is not all play together, even if it is always a competition.
Television films often give a prescription for the use of violence. And as we had fun? Where we took our subsequent behavior patterns? With games and activities that the children apparently brought with them a specific value.
"Chase" - the elderly who can not remember what it was fun. It moved in a mystery, she taught observation, character recognition, respect for nature. Like nothing, but how many. After all, the ability to observe, matching, recognition is needed for life, because life is learning. Satisfied the natural need for movement, communing with nature. Variation of the game was fun "hide and seek." It had to be based on a set of incentives to find a hidden friend.
I also remember the good fun in the "invisible hand". Then helped the old people suffering, helped so that they do not realize that we are. Uwrażliwiało us is the fate of another human being, let the atmosphere of mystery do something for someone else. Without waiting for revenge to pay for thanks. The mere fact that it was a secret he gave us great satisfaction. Altruism taught us well understood.
Character traits, which were formed under the influence of my childhood playground, and are now highly desirable. Because man will always be a man, no matter what technique he used.
We did herbaria. Which was great, when in the ordinary notebook wklejało different plants, describe them on the basis of a encyclopedias. The collection and drying, then paste, to watch, it really was a fun game. And gave no certain knowledge. So little is needed to keep our baby alive creatively and happily.
And I still remember how we made bows and arrows, firing, or we had to face the Indians. Even the chicken and kogutowi neighbor wyrywaliśmy feathers to make a great plumes. And every Indian must take an oath by the fire that the secrecy that will defend those weaker than himself. He was chief of the tribe, each of us had his Indian name.
I read recently that it will be a lot of money for extra-curricular activities. And if so at school on Saturdays at least once a month to introduce off-road fun days, an additional bonus for the teacher bawiłby with children, but not at the computer, and was in a group, on the ground. Contrary to appearances, such fun, such action, even the older youth are invaluable in communicating the content of educational and moral. And if the parents have reminded her childhood and a time to their children pobawili? How much would that be benefit. Do you think it's childish? Nay, in all of us to end our days the child resides with the same needs, which do not meet the greatest technique.