Present Simple
- I do to school
- She reads book every day
- We do to London once a week
- He cleans bedroom every monday
- Monika learns English every week
-You don't do your homework
Present Continous
- Kasia is reading book at the moment
- You are listening a radio
- Mum and dad are watching TV
- I am doing my homework
- Sara isn't going
- He is doing shopping
Present Perfect Continous
-You have been painting the house for 2 hours
- Ben has been reading a book
- Marta has been liveing to London since 2006
- I haven't been finishing my homework
- Laura and Poul have been watching Tv for 4 hour
- Magda has been walking on her doog for hour
Past Perfect Tense
- Martin hadn't visited grandmather
- He had sent email
- I had done my homework
- They had given coffe
- Patryk hedn't wroten to Marta
Past Continous
-Yesturday at 5 i was watching TV
-Bill was reading book when I come
- Marion was cooking diner
- You were cleaning house when ring Marta
- He was not going very fast
- I was warking in the garden
-I will do my homework
- Sara will cook diner tomorrow
-John will work in Economic next week
- You will read book tomorrow morning
- Ula and Asia will do to the party next week
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I play violin. I like photography. I eat at 7am. She doesn't like school. She adores maths. He play football everyday.

I'm working now. He's reading a book. She is cooking. I'm writing a book. He is doing a homework now. My friend is calling to me.

I 've just received this message from you.She is just left. I've already read this. My mom has done the shopping today. My friend has never been in england. He has never been drunk.

I had had the breakfast. I had read that book. He had gone for the walk. He had watched that tv programme. I had done a homework. I had had a toothache.

I was writing when my borther entered the room. I was watching tv while my mom was doing the breakfast. We were listening music. They were playing footbal. He was doing nothing for all day. I was reading very interesting book.

I'll go to spain tommorow. She'll be there. They will receive this e-mail. She will have a dog. We will go there in few days. She will be happy.
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