Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My ideal school is a day school for boys and girls. It's situated somewhere in the town centre so students have no problems with transport there. Pupils have to weras uniforms - a white shirt with trousers or a skirt. There's very high level of education and students only with good grades after primary school can get there.
Thre are classes of about twenty people. We study subjects we have to but we've got also extra two languages. Teachers are very high educated and helpful, you can ask them whatever you want and you will be sure that the answer was right. Lessons are from eight a. m. to first p. m. At 12 o'clock we have lunch and there are ten options of meals. Every break pasts ten minutes. Twice a week we've got P. E lessons, we have a choice what do we want to do, dance or play volleyball. Theres a big stadium in olympic-sizes and a swimming pool.
At the school there are lots of after school activities. There's a proffesional photographic studio when you can learn about the technic of photography, a music studio a stage for amateur actors. You can learn a lot of foreign languages. You've got no homework so you have got a lot of free time.
Evert month classes organise going to e.g. the cinema, a skate rink and twice a year there's a big trip abroad!