Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
No jeśli powyżej jest 80 slow no to ja jestem ksiadz ;)

I am going to play computer games, but firstly I am going to do my homework when I come back from school and then I am going to prepare for a test of psychics. After that it will be time to play computer games, when I'm over I am going to play basketball with my friends out and then I am also going to go to the swimmingpool. Then I am going to watch TV with my parents, I think we will choose any comedy beacuse we want to laugh a lot...

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Next weekend I'm going to have some fun. On Saturday I'm going to get up at 9 am and go to my friend Michael. We're going to preper his house to the party. I'm going to go there at 4pm with my friends and have fun. I'm going to be a Dj. After that I'm going to sleep in Michael's house. We're going to watch some films and don't sleep for all night. On Sunday I'm going to sleep as long as I'm going to want and unfortunetely I'm going to preper to school and go to sleep earlier.
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