Napisz list nieformalny po angielsku do koleżanki z podziękowaniem za prezent, który otrzymałaś od niej na urodziny.Powinno się tam znaleźć : opis prezentu, dlaczego się podoba,opis swoich urodzin, co robiliśmy w tym dniu, jakie inne prezenty otrzymaliśmy.
Z Góry Dziękuje;)



Hello (wpisz jakieś imię)
I'm thanking you a lot for the birthday present. It's lovely! Here nowhere I'd buy such a beautiful dress. The most I like sequins at the bottom. That's good that dress isn't long. One more time I'm thanking you a lot. It's a pity that there was no you on my birthday party. We had so much fun. At first we played different games, later I organised a few competitions. My guests very much liked it. It'd also appeal to you. Well my birthday party came out on Saturday it couple of my best friends stayed overnight at me. From parents I got sweets and money. From guests is driving the variuos things. From albums, of perfume for ballpoint pens and other knick-knacks. However every gifts was wonderful. Frankly your I liked the most. :) Thank you so much darling.
Write soon! xoxo

Your... (wpisz swoje imię)
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