Way Kate.
I hope that well-spent the holiday.
I spent summer holidays with the family of Tuchola Forest.
Visited the magnificent castle and the castle in Malbork Gniew.
We lived in a two-storey house and as it was only the weather is nice we went to swim and swam to the lake by boat.
During the trip to Malbork stood 3 hours in traffic because the accident occurred.
I encourage you to pojechania in Bory Tucholskie.Jest close to the lake and surrounding areas are also piękne.Jest plenty of castles to visit.
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I'm writing this letter from France. I'm in the house now. France is amazing! Yesterday me and Jenny were on the Eiffle Tower. Everyday we go on trips enjoyng ourselves very much. The weatrher is't great but it's OK. We wan't to stay here forever but we must return to Poland this Monday. I'm eating tasty ice-cream. France is such exiting place. We must meet when I'm come back.

See you soon!

to był mój list sprawdzony przez nauczyciela, wić bez błedów ( razcej) xD a no i dostałam 5
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