In teames, make sentences with the words/ pharases in the list.

* mother * children * cusin
* tall * colour eyes * slim
* I've got * handsome
* * shy * cliver
* another story * play with
* what... look like?

Proszę o szybkie rozwiązanie:)
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bo mam to na ocene a ja tego nie wiem:(



My mother have 4 children.
My cousin's name is Marta.
She's is tall and slim.
Her colour of eyes is blue.
I've got two sisters.
He's handsome.
What kind of music does her like?
She's shy.
Let me tell you another story.
Don't play with her.
What does she look like??

1 1 1
My mother doesn't like to cook.
His children are always dirty.
I hate your cousin (nie cusin).
Everyone in my family is tall.
My color of eyes is brown.
She's very slim.
I've got the power!
My father is handsome.
What is she like?
I think she is too shy to talk with anybody.
My dog is much more clever (nie cliver) than yours.
I'll tell you another story about of my life.
Come, play with me!
What does she look like?

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