1 Does He work in the bank?
He doesn' t work in the bank!
2 Does my father washe his car?
My father doesn't washes his car
3.Do the students go to Kraków?
The students doesnt go to Kraków

4.Does Tina like dogs?
Tina doesn't like dogs!
1)Is he work in the bank?
he isn't work in the bank
2)Does my father wash his car?
My father doesn't wash his car.
3)Do the students go to Kraków.?
The students don't go to Kraków.
4)Does Tina like dogs.?
Tina doesn't like dogs.
1.He works in the bank
Does he work in the bank?
He doesn't work in the bank
2. My father washes his car.
Does my father wasch his car?
He doesn't wasch his car.
3. The students go to Kraków.
Do they students go to Kraków?
They don't got to Kraków.
4. Tina likes dogs
Does she like cats?
She doesn't like cats.