Who are you?
I am Robert Patinson.
Why you are an actor?
This is very intresting to me. I can be at once a vampire and then an angel. This is exciting.
What is your favourite film?
I like Harry Potter. It is good film.I play there Cedrik Digory, it have very good time there.
What about Twilight? Do you like it too?
Yes, but it is better for girl.
Say something about you. What you like?
I am only a 17 years old boy who played in few film. I like of course films.
Do you like something more?
Yes, I like play on the piano.
oh, really?
Yes I sing to my song.
Oh thank you for the interview
good bye

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To są pytania i odpowiedzi, a aktora sobie możesz wybrać. :-)

1. Why do you wanted to be a star??
I always wanted to become an actor, because I like to imitate people behavior.
2. How did you become a star??
I was playing a small role in a local theatre when my manager noticed my talent.
3. What is like being a celebrity??
It's quite cool, people are kind for me and I'm very happy that I can be recognized on the street.
4. How the popularity changed your life??
Well, I had to move to my new house, because of the paparazzi, they just can't get off me.
5. How many roles do you play per year??
Well, I always play few film roles and I play in one theatre performance per year.
6. Do you think you are a good actor??
Well, I think that only people can judge it, so don't ask me about that.
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