-Good morning
-Good morning Mrs Roberts what's the matter ?
- I feel terrible.I've got a pain in my stomach and I can't eat. I tried taking some indioestion tablets, but they didn't help.
-Have you been vomiting?
-No I haven't
-I'ts not food poisoning ther.Please hie down over here. Does it hust Where I do that?
-Oh, Yes It hurts a lot.
- I think it's appendicit is.You will have to go to hospital, I am afraid
-To hospital? I's that recessory?
-Yes, but there is nothing to wory about
- Nothing to wory about? I am scared out of my hits
-Calm down please. The sooner you have an operation the better. J can assure you thet you recover completely in a week's time. Now J'll call on ambulance.
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Pacjęt: good morning
lekarz: good morning, what's wrong with you ?
pacjęt: i feel terrible.I've got a sore throat and a headahe
lekarz: OK.have you taken any medicine ?
pacjęt: No, I haven't
lekarz: Well, don't worry! I don't think you've got the flu.I think it's vjust a cold.
pacjęt: OK.what should I do?
lekarz: You should drink lots of water and take some vitamin C.
pacjęt: All right.Is there anything else I can do?
lekarz: Well,you can take an aspirin for your headahe.
pacjęt: Should I stay off school for a few days?....Should I stay in bed?
lekarz: No, you shouldn't you should go to school as normal
pacjęt: Thanks, Good bay
lekarz: Good bay

jak będą problemy to napisz do mnie :D
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