Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I think that in the life of the man having the house is a significant case. The house cannot however be only a place, where they live, but also with space, in which our personality, the world view and the ratio to people and world are developing. Therefore a role of the family house is so significant. Thanks to it is them we can become good persons, or just the opposite, sometimes through the house we are unhappy, bad, full of negative emotions and emotion. Although in the life different adventures are meeting us, however we always return to our place in the sun, to the family house for most immediate. I think around writers writing about the motive for the house, wanted in this way to remind what value our family house has. So how apparently from book discussed by me the family indeed is the most important family unit shaping moral values and attitudes of the young generation. In spite of different dramas and failures members of a family should always stick together and together search for solving problems tormenting them. Is it this way today? At present the family not always plays the role assigned to her. Often busy parents aren't devoting too much time to their children, they don't have this time alone for themselves. The family ties is weakening and it is hard for us to find a common language even with our closest. Therefore a moral and responsible behaviour is so important oneself of adults of people in instilling for young generation of the models necessary for the more distant worth and responsible family life, and also caring for these fetters by each of us so that family relations are ours as best.