W formie notatki opisz jakiego typu lubisz sklepy (małe,osiedlowe,markety),Jakie lubisz, jakie nie i dlaczego lubisz i dlaczego nie,jak często chodzisz do nich. co sądzisz o zakupach przez internet. Ma to być bardziej rozbudowane. Może być po polsku. Byleby na temat sklepów. z góry dziękuje wszystkim co pomogą.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I like going to the shopping center because there is a large selection of different shops and these shops are a wide variety of goods. I like to walk to shops selling clothes and shoes. I like going to the supermarket because they are generally cheaper but do not like it that the brand is always a crowd and even more to stand in queues
For every day shopping I prefer small stores because the goods are of better quality and do not wait in long queues. Unfortunately, there are goods more expensive.
Personally, nothing yet on the Internet is not bought, but I find it very convenient for people living away from the city center or any slepów. For sure, it is also much more economical for portwela and time, but I'm not sure whether the goods will be delivered and that it will be such as ordering