Napisz E-mail 120-150 słów opisując wydarzenie,którego jesteś świadkiem.
-co to za przestępstwo
-kimbyli przestępcy
-co zrobili
-kto był ofiarą
-co sięstało
-czy policja ich zlapalajeśli tak to jak.

paragraph 1
How are...?
Say where you've just been.
I've just..
You'll never guess what I saw..

Paragraph 2
Say what you saw.Use answer above

Paragraph 3
Suggest a meeting.Ask what your friend is doing this evening/tomorrrow.
Suggest doing something together
Sign off
Take care and see you soon



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi Ann !
How are you ? I hope everything's ok. I've just been in the downtown and you'll never guess what happened ! When I was in a bank, 5 scary looking men wearing hoods entered the place and shouted that it was a robbery, I was really scared. They told us to lay on the floor and not to move. They forced workers to give them money from safe, then they run away but they took one woman in hostage. Police was called immediately and they followed them, unfortunately I don't know anything more. Do you have any plans for today's evening ? I would like to meet with you and describe everything in details as it was really scary experience.

Take care and see you soon !