Last night I have strange dream. I was in school in the top floor. I came out of polish school room and went to cloakroom change footwear. In school was quiet and dark. I went down with charlady. In the end of corridor in shadow stood suspicion lady. She holded small child. When she saw me she started off went towards me. Charlady vanished. The door was locked. I was in trap. Lady was reached from me, she was close, closer, very close! I saw she was in red cloak, red high heels and big red hat with very big brim. I didn't saw her face. She lifted up her arm. In hand she has knife, she swiped and scream - It isn't theatre! Then i woke up with scream in my mouth.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Yesterday I had a terrible dream. I was in a strange city. I was standing in front of the big house - it was a haunted house. I was very scared but I came in. I shouted : "Is anybody home?! " - but there were no answear. I went upstairs on the first floor. I heard a scary noise and then I saw a beautiful women. She was standing in front of me. She was almost white. I understood that she's a ghost. I wanted to get out but I couldn't. My legs were as heavy as stones. Then I heard my alarm clock and I woke up. It was the worst dream in my life.
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