Mam do napisania speach (wypracowanie) na temat "Mój ulubiony artysta" Nie musi być długie. Ok. 3 min. BARDZO proszę o pomoc! Nie to że mi się nie chce, ale próbuje i próbuje a i tak nic mi nie idzie.. :( Tylko szybciutko bo to jest na jutro. !! Dziękuje wam wszystkim z góry :] Będe mówić wollno. ;p

Może być Miley Cyrus..



Napisze o Johnnym Deepie...:)
John Christopher Deep was born in Owensboro,USA, so his nationality is American.
The man played in 40 films and he`ll play in 5 films.In 2003 he played the role of his life as Jack Sparrow.
dodaj cos o jego brazowe oczy i włosy ( to napewno potrafisz zrobić;p) i ma : Indian roots - czyli indianskie korzenie ;) i jest przystojny - handsome

Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My favourit artist is maily cyrus. sze wos born in 1992 in Nashville.
She's an actreec and singer. After premiere of serial hannah montana in march 2006 become popular . After progress in serial, inclusive path sound has been issued eight work in october from serial in execution 2006 Miley Cyrus. Year old has been placed in december on 9 richest place 10 person according to monthly with possesions 2008 30 25,1 million dollars below Forbes. It has taken a stand in movie too montana Hannah, which has appeared 17 april 2009 6. she
has started solo musical career album issuing hannah montana 23 june 2007 Meet Miley Cyrus. Second album titled is issued < issue (seem) > 22 july 2008 first album Breakout, it are not tied which with serial montana Hannah. Both albums have been placed on first place letters billboard 200.Interest begin growing Miley, when had lat 9 and they lived along with family on shortly in toronto. Then, in television serial obtained hospitable role Doc, it played in which about name girl Kylie. Big fish has played eight-years old role in 2003 year in movie Ruthie. It took part in clip under title " " Rhonda Vincenta If Heartaches Have Wings. It has appeared in with its her father also Colgate Country Showdown, which who was host of program.
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