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Dear Krzysiek, Chorwacja,22nd July
This camp i really very good. I am living with three great boys in one room. Every night we tell ghost stories - it is so scary! The food is OK but we never have my favourite hamburgers.
The weather is fine. It is sunny and there are no clouds. It is very hot. Every day we go to the beach and we bathe in the sea. There are crowds of people on the beach and I don`t like it.
We play football and basketball every afternoon and in the evenings we have discos.
The teachers are very friendly but the manager is not.
Love from (podajesz swoje imię ;D)
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Hello Julia!
I'm on holidays on Croatia with my parents. There is great! The weather is hot and we have a lot of fun.
We're staying in five-star hotel near beach. Yesterday we spend all day sat wimming on the sea. I saw a fantastic fish! Today we played volleyball. I really enjoyed it! Tomorrow we're going to restautant to eat some local food. We will come back next week.
See you soon,
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