-Hey Julie!
-Hey Ann, did you like the movie?
-Yes, I loved it.
-It was about a girl who wanted to dance, isn't it?
-Yes, You're right. Her name was Sally adn she was reall poor, but had so many dreams. One of them was to dance and one day she met Sarah. They madde friends together and Sarah helped Sally to collect money for dance lessons.
-Wow, what a great story. I Must see it! I love happy ends in movies.
-I know, you really should go.
-And which moment did you like the most?
-When Sally managed to collect all needed money.
-Oh, who was with you?
-I was with Diana and she told me that Martha wasn't and she really wants to see it. Maybe you should go together.
-Great idea! I'll ask her.
-Ok, see you later.