Last year I was on vacation on a small Greek island. In my favorite spot was the rock, quite flat on top. Spread out on her towel on the table and left things, and he went swimming. I loved to dive into the translucent water, sometimes I found a beautiful shell or the original stone. Once the inflow will come back to your towel, and fell asleep for a while. When I opened my eyes, the girl sitting next to me. She had a pretty face, slightly upturned nose, nice lips, freckles and a little dark, long eyelashes. On the neck she wore a necklace with an exceptionally beautiful shells. The most amazing thing about her appearance were green włosy. breaks unless more than two hours. I was so tired that I decided to go back to the shore, when suddenly something flashed .that I went to this place a few times, no longer met the girl .

raczej nie powinno być blędow