My favorite advertising it " festive " mm's as it is curious and very funny Red has appealed me very mms
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My favourite advert is advert new fragrance Avril Lavigne "Black Star"
On this advert Avril is keeping perfume on the hand and she is singing BLACK STAR. This advert is very colorful, avril has got beatiful voice so she beautiful sing it.

I like commercial. It is very usefull in our economy (gospodarka). We can know much about world and things we can have. By best advertisement (reklama) is and advertisement of "Biedronka" shop. It is very funny. They use there products from shop as actors. Autors of this advertisement always use Wordplay (gra słów) to make better efect. Every new one is better and more funny.

"No nie po oczach no! A PSIK!"