Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
In a one day I rode to the forest with my dog - Pit :D. The weather was great. Sun was shinning and the sky was blue. I was thinking about diffrent things. I was looking on the trees, flovers. Everything was smelld great. I thought that i love nature. Suddenly, Pit saw somthing in a grass. Mayby it was a rabbit or a fox. and it run to the forest. It was leat and dark. I don't knowed what i should do. I called to my friend-Adam. When he knowed what happened he come to the forest and he started looking with me my dog. He was tired i was too. About eleven o'clock we found Pit under the tree. It was scarry. Adam, when he heard what happened he help me. He musn't do that. So now I can call him my friend. Simply, he help me.