Answer the questions. Write full sentences. (uzasadnijcie swoje odpowiedzi)

1 What are the top three sports for girls in Poland, in your opinion?
The top three ...

2 What are the top three sports for boys in Poland, in your opinion?

3 What activites do you do outside school?

Bardzo, bardzo proszę o zrobienie całego zadania, potrzebuję go na jutro, bd. wdzięczna



The top three sprots for girls are :
Volleyball , Tenis and Basketball.

The top three sports for boys are :
Football , Basketball , Ice Hockey.

Outside school I play (Basketball and Soccer)
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In my opinion the top sports for girls in Poland are volleyball, handball and basketball. I think that, because I can often watch Polish volleyball and handball players in TV and I see their successes. I think that girls like basketball, too, because in my school many girls play this sport.

I am sure that the top sports for boys in Poland are football, handball and volleyball. It is like at girls. I think that because I can see their sucesses in TV. Polish handball players won gold medal in Europe Champions and silver medal in volleyball. Football in Poland is not very well, but many young people like this sport.

My hobbys are tennis, volleyball and karate. Sometimes I play football with my friends, but I don't mind this sport.
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