• Użytkownik Zadane
My best friend's name is Asia. We are in the same class. She is thirteen years old. Asia is rather short and plump. She has got brown hair and brown eyes. Her eyes are realyy beautiful. Her hair is long and she often wears a pony-tail.
Asia is very intelligent. She is a very good student and she likes studying. Her favourite subject at school is mathematics. She wants to be a sciencist in the future. She also likes chemistry and physics very much and she always helps me when I have problems with them. Asia reads a lot of books , it is her great passion. When she has some free time she goes for long walks with her dog. She loves her dog very much. Asia collects biographies of famous people. I think she wants to be famous, too! She also collects shells and photographs of her favourite film star Pierce Brosnan. She is a really good friend. We meet very often and talk for hours. I can always trust her and tell her all my secrets.
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