I go to cinema
She love music
He watch tv
We lissen music
My mum go to shop
I have dog
She is cute
I like books
He like her
My sister go to school
i like school
do you know?
where she is ?
it's nice to see you.
how are you ?
what thas mean ?
She don't have any free time
I don't like xmass
My favourite color is blue
Her favourite color is red
Him favourire color is white
I love sundays !
I hate mondays !
How are you ?
I'm fine.
what about you ?
where is your work place ?
I like my brother.
I go to park
Can you take me this ?
what is your favourite school subiect ?
what is her name ?
what is her eyes color ?

jak chcesz reszte i to Ci pasuje to napisz ;)

3 5 3
You likes cook in kitchen
I love go to cinema
I like eat ice cream
They drink hot coffee
I like go teh party
She watches TV
I read book
I speak Eanglisch
You speak Polish
She eating pizzas
He play football
We read Matchs exercises
Weronika talking on the phone
You listen at music

To tyle co wymysliłam xD ale moze inni tez ci napiszą xD
4 5 4