Potrzebuje zadania domowego z angielskiego.
Opis postaci, koleżanka ze szkoły.
cechy koleżanki:
lubi czytać książki (Harry Potter), nie lubi hamburgerów, parówek.jest koleżeńska - bez przerwy się śmieje!!

ważne:minimum 160słów!!!!!!!!!

Bardzo proszę o odpowiedź!



My friend is a person which I will be describing.... (imię). He is a tall blonde. He has blue eyes and bright complexions. He goes out with me to the class. He is studying very well. ...(imię) likes to read books. The most he likes to read Harry Potter. We often go together to the city. Marta likes to eat Hamburgers. He doesn't like to eat sausages. He is a nice, nice, still laughing person. ...(imię) has an older sister and the younger brother. She loves animals. At home he has the cat, the dog and 2 guinea pigs. In the future she would like to become the veterinary surgeon. ....(imie) is very athletic. Every day he goes to the horse riding. 2 times during the week is going swimming. Teacher from W-F for Beurré her for every professions.
My best friend is Anna. She has got brown eyes and black hair. She is very friendly and she always smiling. She like read books, her fauvorite book is Harry Potter. She hate chamburgers and sausages. She love animals. She has got two cats, and two dogs. She doesnt like people whose lie. In the future she wants to becames a singer. Since the youngest years she sang in chorus. She always like to do it. I hope that her dreams come true. I really like her because she always help me in my homework. We always go to the cinema at the weekend. On Saturday we always going to the shopping. We perfectly understand.