I think that I'm a busy person. I spend my all time doing homework or meeting my friends. next Monday, what i will do first is certainly school, after scholll i' ll do my homework, than mabey i 'll meet my friends.
next tuesday, it's free day. we'll go to the theatre, what a boring day, but it is better than school. in the afternoon i'll be learning for maths test. and then mabey TV.
next wednesday, as always school, at 6 o'clock i'm going to the cinema, for the newest film, after that i must call my grandmum, she's got birthday
next thurstday i'm not going to school, my dad goes to crocow, so do i. it will be funny
Next Friday, i am having class test from german... what a pity, that i'm the best erson in the class xD
WEEKEND!!! WoOOOw!! that sound s great!! I'm going to visit my aunt, who lives about 200km from warsaw. i like her very much, because she gives me lots of presents. :)
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Next Monday i';ll gone to school, and after one, I'll gone for a walk with my friend Max.
Next Tuesday i'll gone to hospital to my grandmother because she's sick.
Next Wensday I'll had cooked, when I'll come back from school.
Next Thursday i'll gone to the cinema in the evenig with old friends.
Next Friday I'll played on a computer with my brother after school.
Next Saturday I'll sat at home for all day and sleeped.
Next Sunday I'll gone to church, and after it I';ll played on volleyball with my school's friend.
Next Monday I'm going to go to the cinema.
Next Tuesday I'm going to listening to the music.
Next Wednesday I'm going to dance lesson.
Next Thursday I'm going to the shopping.
Next Friday I'm going to do my homework.
Next Saturday I'm going to play volleyball.
Next Sunday I'm going to cook dinner.

;)) .