Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
On last holiday I went to Greece. Only at one week, but it was great. I met a lot of interesting people and I had very dengeorous adventure!
When I came to the hotel I was very happy. The day was sunny so I was wearing short's and green t-shirt. I went on the beach and met a boy. He was very handsome. When he saw me the ball hit him. I ran to him and wanted to help. When he opened eyes he told to me : "I'm dead and you are an angel ... " I smiled and then I helped him to get to the hotel. In the afternoon he took me to the cafe and we ate a big piece of chocolate cake.It was a great first day of my holiday.
In second day I went with my parents to a strange museum. There was that boy from the beach - he's name was Junior and he was from England. He was with brother and parents. We were talking when suddenly somebody switched off the light. I was very scared , but I pretended that I'm brave. In the museum were thiefs. The police was around the building. I heard that one of thiefs told to another : "Sfinx! We have to run!" They didn't see me ,so they didn't know that I heard it. When they ran away I told to the police what I heard and they told me that I'm very brave and that information is very important because they know the thief with pseudonym Sfinx.
The rest of holiday I spent at swimming in the see, eating icecreams and meeting with new friend - Junior. That were holidays of my dream !