Compare your opinions. Use superlative forms of adjectives.
Porównaj swoje opinie. Użyj superlatyw formy przymiotników.

A)I think that Ronaldo is the best sports star.
B)Me too./ Really? I think that the best.

A)Myślę, że Ronaldo jest najlepszym Star Sports.
B) Ja też. / Doprawdy? Myślę, że ... is the best

1.(good)sports star
2.(interesting )|subject
3.(exciting) place
4.(attractive)film star
5.(bad)TV programme
6.(strange)picture in this unit



Pierwsze masz już zrobione, więc zaczynam od drugiego:P
A: I think maths is the most interesting subject.
B:Oh, I don't think so. In my opinion Biology is more interesting

A:Oh, seaside is the most exciting place!
B:I don' agree. I think more exciting is lakeland.

A:Angelina Jolie is the most attractive film star in Hollywood!
B:I think Julia Roberts os more attractive.

A:Oh, i don't like it. It's the worst programme in the world!
B:No! Do you know programme "Hello!"? I think it's worse than this.

A:It's the strangest picture in this unit! I don' understand it!
B:Look at this one! It's much stranger than this!
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