Musze przetłumaczyc na polski:
1 zad
To travel by coach
to be on holiday
to live in a house
to be kind to someone
to go camping by the lake
to be at home
to be angry with someonr
to write an article about someone
to live on a farm
zad 2
musze ułożyc zdania z tymi wyrazami kazdy w jednym zdaniu..nie moze sie zmienic...pisownia czy cos takiego
*went foxhunting
*imagine living
*sounds boring
*was born
*great times
*in the woods
*can't stand
*big joke
*much to do

Bardzo bym prosila zeby to bylo na poziomie 2 gim...



Zad .1

Podróżować autokarem .
Być na wakacjach .
Mieszkać w domu.
Być miłym dla kogoś.
Pojechać na kemping nad jeziorem.
Być w domu.
Być złym na kogoś.
Napisać artykuł na temat kogoś
Przeżyć gospodarstwo.

Zad .2

he hunter went to try to get the fox.
This book is an original
Imagine your life in the future
This entire chatting sounds boringly
He was born in Warsaw
He was moved to other hospital.
which clean this room!
At one time these were great times.
there are very pollutants through this new factory.
swim with this stream.
interview some famous person.
leave this room immediately!.
ghosts live in forests. this film is lent.
it isn't possible to stand still in one place.
but super this article which you gave to me.
it was a big joke.
spirits live in old castles.
this work needs to do much.