Catastrophe have place in (to) 26 april 1986 – case (chance) nuclear Czarnobylu, it has come for which (who) in result of explosion of hydrogen from nuclear reactor of block in (to) number 4 atomic power station [ 1 ] Czarnobylu. It is evaluated , that there was biggest catastrophe in history of nuclear energetics and reconciling of biggest industrial catastrophe XX century (age). There is sole incident in history simultaneously, which (who) has been qualified for seventh, in scale highest degree INES. Area has undergone radioactive pollution in result of failure from 125 000 for 146 000 on borderland of belorussia field km2, ukraine and russia, but emitted has been diffused from broken down (disabled) reactor after whole europe radioactive (fall-out) cloud. It evacuate in effect of pollution and over 350 000 persons [ 2 ] przesiedlono.