Zadanie na dzisiaj to... :D
Opisz swoje ulubione miejsce w domu. Tresc ma odpowiadac na pytania:
-jaki to pokoj?
-co w nim lubimy?
-co tam robisz?
-what do you like about it?
Poprosze rowniez o przetlumaczenie na polski :D Z gory dzieki ;D

Minimum 100 slow! Prosze o szybka odpowiedz :D



My room is not very big but it is very nice.The walls in my room are green.There is a bed next to the wall. I have two chairs. There is a desk next to the window. On the desk there is a computer. Above my bed there is a poster of michael Jordan- my favourite basketball player.
I have a wardrobe and a booksheft in my room. There are many books on the booksheft. There is a collection of my model cars, too. On top of the wardrobe there is a big plant an ivy. I do not like it very much but my mum loves it.
There is a blue carpet on the floor and I have two lamps- one big and one small. My roller skates and my balls are ina a big plastic box opposite my bookshelf.