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Madonna, actually Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone (born August 16, 1958; in Bay City, Michigan) - the American singer and the actress of the Italian origin, called the "Queen of the Pop".
She made her debut in 1983 and from that moment to today he/she is staying at peaks of the hit charts, he is recording pieces in many musical kinds and he is decorating different packagings. He is famous for performances spectacular, worked out under every detail and concert tours which standards are marking out in this field.She is well-known also for controversial, nonconformist behaviours and crossing all social crash barriers.
Regarded as one of the biggest stars of the pop of years 80.
She was a forerunner of many trends arising in the music, the fashion and the pop culture of three last decades.
She packaged a dozen or so hits which permanently they accessed to the history of the world light music, in it "Holiday", "Like but Virgin", "Like but Prayer" and "Music". She recorded a lot of albums which moulded the more further run of the pop music (among others Like but Prayer, Ray of Light) and with Michael Jackson brought about a revolution in the field of the music video.
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The Ashley the Michelle the Tisdale (ur. 2 July 1985 in Deal, in state the New of Jersey) – the American actress, singer and the television producentka. Maddie was her first large part Fitzpatrick in serial Disneya has Not this how hotel. High after this success played in series School Musical comedy as Sharpay Evans. She passed to musical history being first woman which made ones debut on Billboard Hot 100 with two songs simultaneously[2].

After awarded Emmą part in High School began Musical comedy musical career gives out 6 February 2007 her first album, Headstrong. The plate made ones debut on 5 place on letter Billboard 200 selling in 64,000 copies in first weekend[3] and winning later the certificate of Złotej Plate. Tisdale dubs in serial Fretkę animated Disneya Fineasz and Ferb. Second album Ashley Guilty Pleasure, became given 16 June 2009 premierowo,[4] meanwhile in United States 28 July 2009[5] Tisdale played in Strange film on the loft which was given 31 July 2009 year[6].
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It has been born on barbados in 1988 year Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Career has been started when it has noticed her Evan Rogers. Nowojorczyk, Which cooperated with such stars earlier, as ' N Sync, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Kelly Clarkson, Laura Pausini and Rhodium Stewart, it spent vacations on island. When learn suggest she session recording Rihanna. Rogers And partner with Syndicated Rhythm Productions - Carl Sturken, they have helped to record material vocalist demo. It has hit for chief it pit Def and it has interested him on so many, that it invite her on interrogation and tabular contract suggest. It has appeared years 2005 year " popular ski badge de " singel Replay, but album later also. Publisher defines music, that has been placed as jamaican on this round, R&B and hip-hop. It record plate in studios The Loft and in Bassmint Bronxville. She have dealt with production Vada Nobles, Evan Rogers and Carl Sturken.

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