You've been very busy preparing for some exams. Write a letter to your English friend. Think of some good and some bad news to write about.
- Say how you are and explain why you didn't write before.
-Tell him/her your good news.
-Tell him/her your bad news.
-Ask him/her to write to you.

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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
HI Susan!
I hope you're fine. Thanks for your letter. I'm really sorry that i didn't replied your letter earlier. I was engaged in preparing for some exams.
When it comes to me I'm fine. I have some problems at school but I'll overcome them.
I'm writting to tell you that I have some good and bad news. I'll focus on good news now. Did you know that Mandy has a new boyfriend? It's great, couse she was upset for a long time and now she's on cloud nine. The second good new is that I have a dog:).My parents bought this pet for me two days ago.
And last but not least: bad news. Our friend, Greg, has been fired from his job. He wanted pay rise but his boss rejected and immidlately told him to go out. I'm very afraid of his mental condition.
OK, that's all, I think.
Bye for now,
twoje imie