Witam cieplutko , potrzebuje " przedstawienie pytan i odpowiedzi na temat sławnej osoby - Jan Paweł II + odpowiedzi "
z uzyciem zdan :
- Who was he ?
- How old was he ?
- Where was he from ?
- What did he ?
- What eise did he do ?
- How did he ?
- How did he ..?



1.he was a pope
2.he was 85 years
3.He was from Polish
4.He write a poems
5.The Pope appealed for peace in the Persian Gulf, and then in the Balkans, defend the universality of human rights and urged the United Nations to take the risk of solidarity, and thus the risk of peace
6.During the Great Jubilee Year 2000, the Pope made the consciences of the Church and asked God for forgiveness for his wines Tezz took a trip to the Holy Land - Jordan, Bethlehem, Jerusalem (historical visit to the National Memorial Institute Yad Vashem and prayer at the Western Wall).
7.Karol Wojtyla was elected pope (the first time in 456 years it was not Italy). Took the name John Paul II, and contrary to custom, spoke to the crowd in the square of St.. Peter in our Italian language. At the inauguration of his pontificate he gave the message: Do not be afraid! Open the doors to Christ!.