List z angielskiego

Napisz list do przyjaciela USA ,aby opowiedzieć mu swoje nowiny.
*Przeproś za długie milczenie i podaj jego powód .
*Zrelacjonuj jedno zdarzenie z życia rodziny ,opisując swoje odczucia.
*Zrelacjonuj i skomentuj jedno wydarzenie z życia towarzyskiego.
*Poproś o odpowiedź i zapytaj o nowiny adresata i jego przyjaciół.
Długość od 120-150 słów!

Proszę pilnie o pomoc!!!



hi Mark,

how are you doing? it s six oclock in the evening and im writing this list on our computer at home.we ve got a new kitten.he called flufy and he s playing with a ball!!!!!!
Hello julia,
how are you? sorry that i haven`t written for a long time but I have a very important exam with maths in my school.
i am writing, because i want tell you about christening in my family. it was very fantastic time. i am very happy when i see a small baby. all family buy gifts with clothes and small toys.
i want write, too, about i know a few new friends. i visited their in disco. they are very nice. they are studing medicine and they invited me in Varsaw. i am very surprised.
i wait on your answer, please write for me what do you think about this meeting. what is your news? how are your friend in England?
ok. i must finish because i must do shopping. i hope you like my letter. i wait on very fast answer.
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