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1 February 184 7 (born < give birth (be born) > Thomas Alva Edison, one of most known 18 october 1931 ) – creative inventors in the world, businessman. Possesions set up (betted; founded) and it by him (it) managed laboratories 5000 patents near, it is from which (who) on its (his) surname 1093 exposed (set out). Founder of prestigious scientific magazine 1880 ( ) Science. Self-taught, from 1927 national member of (limb of) academy of science in washington. Among inventions improvement of phone at use of inductive reel Bella and carbon micro, phonograph ( 1877 ), it perfected electric bulb ( 1879 ), it worked upon improvement of method of magnetic enrichment in lats (summers; years) 1891 – 1900 iron rud, it has discovered emission in (to) 1883 termoelektronową, alkaline accumulator has built in (to) 1904 niklowo-żelazowy. It has organized world's first park in (to) institute research scientific and technical Menlo, it has built world's first power station of public application in (to) 1881 in new york – 82, there was owner many enterprise in north america and europe.