Byłaś na pogadance na temat sposobu zdrowego odżywiania się. w liscie do znajomych napisz

o czym byla pogadanka i kto ja prowadzil

kiedy i gdzie sie odbyla

jakich porad i przestrog udzielila prowadzaca

co sadzisz o tych wskazowkach i czy masz zamiar ktoras z nich stosowac (120-150 slow)



Dear Maria and Max,
How are you? I am OK. Sorry that I haven't written so long, but I had a lot of work in my school.

You know, I have been on a very interesing lecture about healthy lifestyle. Professor Taler told about healthy food and he gave very smart advices connected with healthy lifestyle. It was 9 days ago in University near my house.

Now I know what to do to feel healthy ! First of all you have to change your diet. To reduce calories, cut down food like sweets, chocolate and cakes. Eat as much low-fat food like chickens of fish. And don't eat between meals! Secondly don't go to bed late and don't get irritated. Avoid stress at home and in work. At the end you should work out in the gym.

I think that advices are just great! Now I'll eat low-fat food and go to bed before 10:30.

Take care

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