Artykuł na temat najdłuższych oświdczyn na świecie. Dane:
When: February 14, 2006 (Valentine Day)
Who made it : Cameron Kelly, 27
Who received it: Angie Kreimer, 28 Lenght: 113-page book (includes 44 pictures)
Title: 50 reasons Why You Should Marry Me and 51 Reasons Why I should Marry you The answer to the proposal : one word (Yes)



How much love and faith in her beloved has anna thompson (45) had!
at the age of 22 she fell in love with eric elling (now51).however, soon her fiance was arrested for murder her uncle! only anna belived he wasn't guilty.he spend more than twenty year in prison. recently DNA tests have proven his innocence. he is free now and finally the couple getting mary next saturday.they say all's well that ends well!