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1.Where would you prefer to live: in the centre/in the suburbs/ on the outskirt of the a city, or in the country side? why ?
2. what would be good/bad about living in a tourist resort, or in the old town of historic city?
3. what are the advantages and disadvanteges of living in a city that is an industral and commercial centre?



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1) I would very much enjoy living in the country side. Why? A few simple reasons.
Fresh air being the first. City life is crowded with cars exhausting unhealthy fumes which are bad for our health and condition, as well as just destroying any pretty sights we could get. Which brings us to the second reason. Country side is full of lovely picturesque sites, and tranquility letting you relax from the busy city. The last reason being crowds, or rather, lack of crowds. Although that depends on one's opinion, I take that as a positive.
2)Living in any of the three would be filled with tourists, that's for sure. Mainly the bad reasons would include high prices being the main income of tourism in the town/resort, depending on the location, crowded areas in the summer or even for the whole year, crowded buses, high traffic and high prices for an appartment. The good sides - again, lot's of people! But one can meet many new and different people at the disco or pubs. Also, being mainly a tourist attraction, the city/resort often provides alot of entertainment, that being concerts or fun parks.
3)Na trzecie nie mam pomyslu co napisac, przepraszam.
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